Example manatee database installation when "N" is chosen

  • [SHELL]$ perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/usr/local/apache2
    Added to MANIFEST: lookup_files/coding_hmm.lib.db.gz
    Added to MANIFEST: lookup_files/ec2go.db.gz
    Added to MANIFEST: lookup_files/hmm_go.db.gz
    Added to MANIFEST: lookup_files/pfam2role.db.gz
    Added to MANIFEST: lookup_files/prosite.db.gz
    Added to MANIFEST: lookup_files/role_data.db.gz
    Added to MANIFEST: lookup_files/tchar.db.gz
    Added to MANIFEST: lookup_files/tigrfam2role.db.gz
    Added to MANIFEST: Makefile.PL
    Added to MANIFEST: Manatee_database_installation.txt
    Added to MANIFEST: mysql/cgsp.ddl.gz
    Added to MANIFEST: perform_analyze_or_check_database.pl

    Please enter where do you want to store mysql_data:/usr/local/mysql/mysql/mysql_data/

    Please enter the mysql USERNAME :usrABC

    Please enter the mysql PASSWORD :pwdXYZ

    Please enter the mysql SERVER/HOST name :USER-host.server.edu

    Please enter the directory where you want to store the LOOKUP FILES :/usr/local/apache2/databases/lookup_files/

    You already have cgsp database in your mysql.
    - Please enter "Y" if you want to backup the existing cgsp database and install the new cgsp database.
    - Please enter "K" if you want to leave the existing cgsp database as it is.
    - Please enter "N" if you want to install a new copy of cgsp database

    Please enter your option here :N
    Checking if your kit is complete...
    Looks good
    Writing Makefile for Manatee

  • [SHELL]$ make
  • cp perform_analyze_or_check_database.pl blib/lib/perform_analyze_or_check_database.pl
    Manifying blib/man3/perform_analyze_or_check_database.3pm

  • [SHELL]$ make install
    ....Copying mysql databases to /usr/local/mysql/mysql/mysql_data/
    ....Installing cgsp test database (this may take a while)...
    ....Performing "ANALYZE" on the databases (this may take a while)...
    Performing "Analyze" on the database "cgsp"...
    Done !!!

    ....Installing database lookup files to /usr/local/apache2/databases/lookup_files/

  • [SHELL]$

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