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  Manatee Software Installation
Fedora Core 3 Systems - Download Manatee for Fedora Core 3 Linux operating systems
Mandrake 10 Systems - Download Manatee for Mandrake 10 Linux operating systemes
Source Code for Solaris - Download Manatee for Solaris
Source Code for All Other Linux Systems - Download Manatee for all other Linux Operating Systems

Database Updates

Egad and Common Updates

This link will download the latest updates to the common and egad databases. To update yours, just download the tarballs and unpack them in the same directory that your egad and common directories exist.

Mysql 5.0 RPM Packages

MySQL 5.0

Download the RPMs for MySQL 5.0 as well as the required MySQL libraries. Be sure to download from the section that states Linux x86 RPM downloads and get the following:

  • MySQL-client-5.0.x
  • MySQL-shared-5.0.x
  • MySQL-server-5.0.x
  • MySQL-devel-5.0.x

  • Apache 2 RPM Package

    Apache 2.2.x

    Download the latest RPM of the Apache HTTP Server if you do not have it already installed on your system. Fedora Core 3 and Mandrake 10 both come with the option to install it.

    Updated: 04 / 2007
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