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Introduction To Requirements

Manatee, an open-source, platform-independent, browser-based application was designed with the ability to run in multiple configurations and in multiple environments. Below are the packages that have been tested and validated for use with Manatee.
Please Note: It is recommended that you use a package management system (like RPM, Yum, Apt), to install the below requirements.

Supported Linux Distributions

Currently, Manatee has only been validated on the following Linux operating systems. Although it is capable of functioning on others, we will only be able to support these:

  • Fedora Core 3
  • Mandrake 10

    Perl 5.8.x More Information

    Manatee will only work on Perl installations of 5.8 and above. There are a number of native modules to 5.8 that Manatee will require to function properly.

    If you do not have Perl installed, or you have an older version than 5.8, please click on "More Information" above to get instructions on how to get it.

    Apache 2.2.x More Information

    An Apache installation of 2.2 and above is required.

    MySQL 5.0.x More Information

    Due to the nature of many of the Manatee queries, MySQL 5.0 and above is absolutely necessary for proper operation.

    GD 2.0.34 Graphics Library More Information

    Manatee creates the images it displays using the GD graphics library. If you do not have this installed, you will not be able to see any images that are displayed within Manatee.

    Expat 1.95.8-8.2 XML Parser More Information

    The Expat XML Parser of 1.95 and higher is needed by Manatee

    Required Perl Modules

    The following perl modules are required for Manatee to run properly. Please install these using a package manager.

  • CGI
  • DBI
  • DBD::mysql
  • XML::Parser
  • XML::Simple
  • XML::Writer
  • XML::Twig
  • HTML::Template
  • Tree::DAG_Node
  • File::Spec
  • GD
  • GD::Text
  • GD::Graph
  • Storable
  • Date::Manip
  • IO::Tee
  • Log::Log4perl

    Updated: 04 / 2007
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