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User's Documentation

  Microbial Annotation White Papers (PDF)
A description of small genome annotation and data management at TIGR

Microbial Annotation Overview (PDF)

A presentation from TIGR's Microbial Annotation Course that provides a brief overview of TIGR's annotation process. This is a good introduction to the User's Guide below.

Manatee User's Guide (PDF)

Another presentation from TIGR's Microbial Annotation Course. This presentation will instruct the user in the specifics of microbial annotation.

Gene Annotation Naming Guidelines (PDF)

Naming conventions for microbial annotation.

GO Annotation Guidelines (PDF)

GO Annotation conventions for microbial annotation.

Glossary of Commonly Used Annotation Terms (PDF)

Definitions of terms used in annotation and the Manatee User's Guide

Manatee Architecture Presentation (PDF)

A presentation that will provide a brief overview of the architecture behind the Manatee Software, the database, and data management.

Updated: 04 / 2007
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